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  • is the website for Atkins Piano Service, a full-service piano tuning and restoration company. We offer expert piano tuning, repair, restoration and rebuilding of your new or vintage piano.
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  • Fine used pianos for sale by Atkins Piano and Acton-Concord Piano at our workshop in Acton, MA. Call 978-263-8932 for an appointment.
  • Is the piano good enough for lessons? Considerations before accepting a free piano or buying a used one.
  • Should I accept a free piano? Things you should consider before you move a piano into your home.
  • Is your piano good enough to reward your practise? An inferior piano will just discourage you or your child and make the whole lesson-taking experience difficult and unrewarding.
  • Why should I get a grand piano? Space and financial considerations usually determine your choice, but in a perfect world, a grand piano is usually preferred.
  • Space and money considerations are the top 2 reasons for getting an upright piano. But there can be even more positive reasons for deciding on an upright piano.
  • Here are the reasons to buy a used piano from Atkins Piano.
  • We would like to introduce ourselves to our prospective clients. Liz Atkins and Bob Cassidy are experienced piano technicians who enjoy working together on piano projects.
  • Contact Liz Atkins for advice about your piano issues.
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  • Atkins Piano Service offers a full array of tuning, repair, restoration and rebuilding services, as well as offering quality used pianos for sale. Call 978-443-5954 to discuss your piano needs.