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  Grand Piano or Upright?

 Steinway Model O grand with top lid down

Steinway Model O grand piano with front lid down

In a perfect world, we would all have grand pianos.   In general, grand pianos have more soundboard space, longer bass strings, and an action which repeats more quickly.  Everyone would have a separate room for the piano with humidity control, with enough space for the piano and an appreciative audience, and there would be sound-proofing and a solid door between the student and the rest of the household activities.

Unfortunately, few of us have either the luxury of that kind of space, or the money to purchase a suitable grand piano.

If you are trying to decide whether or not a grand piano will fit, put the lid down on the piano and make a paper pattern of the top.  Also allow another 4-5 inches for the depth of the keys.  You can then bring this home and move it around until you find a good spot for your new acquisition.  Make sure to allow room for the bench.

  Your piano tuner will appreciate it if you also leave room in front of the keys (about 2-3 feet) for her to remove the action from the keybed.  This is necessary for things like tightening screws, adjusting the action, and vacuuming out the interior of the piano.