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Why Get an Upright Piano?

When space and lower cost are the most important considerations in choosing a piano, the full upright is the clear choice.   A full sized upright (approximately 50" or taller) will have approximately the same amount of soundboard space as a small grand piano (the so-called "baby" grand), and may well have even longer bass strings.  In general, these tall uprights are the top of the line of their respective makers, and have correspondingly higher quality materials and better construction than the shorter uprights (spinets and short console pianos).

Surprisingly, the footprint of a tall upright is quite similar to a much shorter one; the keyboard is the same width on almost every piano, from the shortest spinet to the longest concert grand.  A standard keyboard has 88 keys; there are 85 note pianos, mostly from before 1885, although a few companies do still make that size (the modern 85 note pianos are generally of inferior construction).

       Steinway Model K, turn of the century

Steinway K Upright in Flame Mahogany, c.1907